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Coaching Culture

Implementing a coaching culture is crucial to thriving in the new economy. “A coaching culture simply means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company.” – Forbes

Creating a coaching culture is having a group of people, openly and regularly, giving and receiving feedback because of their commitment to the organization’s goals and overall success. In other words, no matter where you stand, everyone is learning and improving their skills. Leaders have the competence and confidence to coach, motivate, and develop others

A Coaching Culture is a supportive environment where:

  • Coaching is seen as a responsibility of all employees throughout the organization
  • Working relationships grow and flourish
  • All individuals are collectively focused on improving individual and organizational performance
  • Employees not only welcome feedback from others, but actively seek it.

We can help you to implement a Coaching Culture by designing a Coaching Program that will:

  • Train your line Managers and Supervisors to be effective coaches to their teams (Lead As A Coach® workshop)
  • Develop individuals to become skilled coaches within your organization

The stages we follow are the following:

  • Provide External Coaching
  • Develop Internal Coaching (Lead As A Coach® workshop)
  • Ensure leaders support Coaching
  • Develop Team Coaching
  • Incorporate Coaching into HR practices (including Performance)
  • Coaching is embedded in the organization