Individual Coaching

Self-Mastery is the key to success. Our Self-Mastery Coaching enables you to be motivated and creative. In this way you become more focused and resilient. Ultimately, you unlock your potential to shape the life you aspire to.

The Plena™ Development Model acts as the foundation for our Coaching sessions. The coaching sessions can also be complemented with Individual Training sessions and Individual Development plans for maximum benefits.

Every single client is a unique case so our Self-Mastery Coaching Programs are bespoke (tailor-made) and are designed to transform any area of your life you choose to focus on improving, or your entire life. Apart from our own model, we have developed our own accompanying templates to support you through each stage of the coaching program.

We aspire for you to have self-confidence, a clear vision, attain self-mastery and become what you wish and want most. By becoming the best that you can be, you transcend yourself and become an extraordinary leader.

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment