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Lead As A Coach®

Positioning companies for growth and long-term success requires leaders who are coaches more than managers.

Now more than ever, leaders are being called to coach their employees, thereby developing trust and loyalty that work both ways. 

Coaching is critical to career advancement because it’s not just about professional development, but about boosting your employees’ confidence and building strong communication skills, thus improving their performance and productivity.

Our Lead As A Coach® workshop aims at preparing leaders focus on continuous momentum, helping people gain traction by gaining short-term wins while building the skill sets needed to gain traction on long-term goals personally and professionally.

The workshop is based on the competencies of the International Coaching Federation, thus guaranteeing the learning of excellent coaching techniques and strategies – and unlearning of bad habits.

Equipping leaders with coaching skills is well worth the investment of time and focus considering the many benefits that great leaders who are also amazing coaches can bring to a company:

  • Increasing retention, knowing you have people in your organization who are more likely to progress personally and professionally because of an empowering coaching approach. 
  • Enabling innovation, by giving and receiving feedback; supporting and stretching each other’s thinking; challenging each other with support, and stress-testing ideas where appropriate; and engaging in development conversations that are short in length, but strong in impact.
  • Creating an invaluable ripple effect, by instilling resilience in a new generation of leaders so they can bounce back in the face of the unexpected and coach their own team members to do the same in the future.