Self-Mastery Coaching

Peter Alexander Anagnostou

About Me:

My aspiration is to contribute to changing peoples’ lives and stimulate them to achieve exceptional things, and the only way for me to reach this goal is by providing top coaching and a unique experience. I enjoy creating a safe and trusting environment without judgement where you get more out of yourself, where you become more of who you really are. I am the lapidary’s polishing agent that polishes to a mirror-like finish and makes the diamond shine.

I am a son of a diplomat and during my early childhood I had to relocate from country to country and therefore change a lot of schools. This had a lot of negative and positive effects on me. On the positive side, it taught me to be a global citizen and to be resilient and agile. Since I was eighteen, I was fascinated by two things: successful business people and the constant pursuit of personal development. No wonder I opted to study Business Administration majoring in Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, as I believed — and still do — that business is all about people and how they interact with each other. My Master’s thesis was on Motivation at the United Nations World Headquarters in New York City.

Professionally I was fortunate to have an international career and work in major multinational companies (Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, etc). However, it still took me many years — plus a debilitating illness — to “connect the dots”, start unleashing my true potential and reach a point where I consider myself as truly successful. At the same time, I started delving into Psychology, Philosophy (both Eastern and Western), Metaphysics, Mindfulness and Meditation, as well as Psychotherapy (group and personal). So I guess I am what you would call a late bloomer. It’s never too late!

Now I do what I cherish with the people I cherish. I live in a wonderful large apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and I appreciate the finest things in life. I take at least two holiday brakes every year to travel around the world. I am in the best shape of my life and I couldn’t possibly feel more accomplished. This is exactly what I want my clients to experience too! I firmly believe in coaching. Over the years, I’ve seen the profound effects it has had on me, my clients, and in organizations.

Other Things About Me:

  • I am 60 but feel as a recycled teenager.
  • I’m a vegetarian for 30 years.
  • I adore yoga, mindfulness and meditation.
  • I’m a good cook.
  • I love spicy food.
  • I’m open-minded and honest.
  • I like to establish my own, often idiosyncratic, way of doing things.
  • In everything I do, I aim for excellence and perfection.
  • I place a very high value on authenticity and self-determination, and want my life to be a true expression of my values.
  • I have managed to balance spirituality and materialism. However, I do not allow myself to be attached to material things.
  • My mother taught me to be compassionate and giving with everyone, and my father to work hard and to never live beyond my means. These are things I live by every single day.
  • I don’t know everything, but when it comes to my profession there are a few things I know exceptionally well: humans, personal development, and self-mastery leading to success and fulfillment.
  • I am an environmentalist by default.
  • I’m a fierce advocate of equality: religious, racial, sexual orientation, gender, etc.
  • From a very young age, being a “Rebel” was a deep part of my nature, and as such I didn’t wish to be part of the herd; thus I resisted any system where someone else decided what I can do. I created my rules. This got me in trouble with some school principals and bosses (and consequently paid the price for it).

My Ideal Client:

I wish for all my clients to get a substantial return on their investment — time and money-wise —and help them achieve what they are looking for in their lives. To this end, I strictly work with people who:

  • Are CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Owners and other successful / accomplished individuals
  • Are willing to make changes in their lives (lifestyles, careers, relationships) and are committed in putting the necessary energy and attention towards it
  • Demonstrate a burning desire for the personal change that they want
  • Fully trust me and the coaching process; realizing that it takes time, energy, patience and mutual consideration
  • Wish to cultivate their intellect and their garden of soul in their movement toward their purpose
  • Have an attitude of a champion and aim for the top in life
  • Are already successful and they are ready to go to the next level
  • Are all set to transcend themselves and leave a legacy
  • Have an open mind to work with me collaboratively as their coach and are open to new approaches
  • Have unequivocally made up their mind and fully desire to be successful
  • Are fully committed to stretch outside their comfort zone and move on up to their destination.

Being strict in my selection process guarantees maintaining my current high success rate and the wonderfully strong bond I form with my clients on many different levels

Self-Mastery Coaching is Holistic:

It refers to the person in their absolute wholeness. Its unique approach provides a symbiosis of all the four elements of the human nature (mind, body, heart and spirit).

  • The inner circle represents the Individual and the areas covered.
  • The outer circle represents the Corporation and the areas covered.


Every single client is a unique case so my Self-Mastery Coaching Programs are bespoke (tailor-made) and are designed to transform any area of your life you choose to focus on improving, or your entire life. I have developed my own model (The Plena™ Model) and accompanying templates to support you through each stage of the coaching program. I aspire for you to have self-confidence, a clear vision, attain self-mastery and become what you wish and want most. By becoming the best that you can be, you transcend yourself and become an extraordinary leader.


The quality of my work is typically very high, bringing extensive value to the lives of my clients; hence I charge accordingly. Your investment depends on the complexity of what we work on and consequently the length of the program required.

The initial two-hour consultation (or intake session) is free. The purpose of it is:

  • To determine whether we have the right chemistry
  • For me to assess your situation: fully comprehend your background, plus what your challenges and aspirations are
  • If the fit is right, I will then provide you with an initial tool which highlights key areas you may want to work on. Then we will both co-create our ways of working
  • Additionally, during the program, I will be providing you with various self-assessment tools which give insight into your core values, strengths, or behavioral preferences

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment