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sLEAD Program®

sLEAD® Leadership Development Program

Private Leadership (Leading-Self) precedes Public Leadership (Leading-Others).

The sLEAD® Program is a Self-Leadership Development Program for early career professionals (Individual Contributors, High Potentials) and future management candidates (Successors in Talent Pools)

The aim of the program is leading yourself and then successfully shifting from individual contributor to leader.

It is built around it’s own cluster of Leadership Competencies for maximum effectiveness.

The objectives are to:

  • Understand Yourself
  • Your Vision, Purpose and Values
  • Self-Alignment
  • Self-Perception
  • Self-Awareness

How Our Leadership Development Programs Differ:

360 Assessment: Acts as the foundation.

Horizontal Development: Adding tools, skill- sets, and competencies.
Vertical Development: Behaviors, mental models, and emotional intelligence (Coaching).

Strengths Based: By working on your strengths productivity increases by 36.4%; whereas by working on your weaknesses you decrease productivity by 26.8%!

Competency Based: Different sets of competencies per level in the organization

We build Leaders’ effectiveness by enhancing:

Skills: Developing new competencies, processes, tools, and models that help leaders deliver on their role expectations more effectively. Acquiring new skills, knowledge and information to help them get things done in their job.

Capacity: Developing a leader’s ability to contain, manage, and affect change in the evolving set of circumstances within their role. Developing more complex and sophisticated ways to gain insight, expand thinking, act and engage in diverse and evolving business conditions that help them create situationally effective, sustainable impact as a leader.