Talent Development

Our Talent Development services aim at improving the overall effectiveness of employees by enhancing their knowledge and skills while providing information and instruction on how to better perform specific tasks. This effectiveness has in turn a spillover effect on the teams in which they operate and on the entire organization.

To ensure participants put maximum effort in applying learnings to their job, we follow up on our training with coaching sessions that give them opportunities to practice on the job and with feedback that helps them turn knowledge into skills.

All of our trainings are tailor-made to the clients’ specifications.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development program is based on actual results. It follows a defined process designed to bridge gaps so as to deliver outstanding results.

Background of client to be coached360º AssessmentFocused and bespoke IDP360º Assessment
Set coaching requirementsPsychometric testsTrainingReview results
Goals to be achievedDebriefing on resultsCoachingROI
SMART ObjectivesDefine purpose to initiate changeApply learnings on-the-jobFinal report on outcomes
The 4 Phases of the Leadership Development Program