Stress Management:

Stress is “the non-specific response of the body for any demand for change”. It is a warning system. A little bit of stress is always necessary as it keeps things moving and makes them interesting. Stressors: Anything that causes tension or a state of strain;… Read More »Stress Management:

Signature Presence:

Signature: The special thing for which a person is known for. Presence: A person’s ability to make his/her character known to other — the way we consciously choose to interact with others plus the impact and energy we create. “A picture of the confidence in… Read More »Signature Presence:

The ATEBAR Formula:

Beliefs define us and we will defend them even if they are causing us pain (eg limiting beliefs). Beliefs are mostly formed early in our childhood and come from: Experiences, influences and deductions What others tell us is true Thoughts Emotions By shifting our Beliefs… Read More »The ATEBAR Formula:

Trust & Engagement:

Meaningfulness: Involves feeling valued. If you don’t feel trusted, you are unlikely to feel valued. Safety: If your integrity is questioned, you are unlikely to feel safe Resources: Lack of trust destroys a critical resource — information. How can you balance as a leader the… Read More »Trust & Engagement: