Talent Management Consulting & Coaching

Unleashing The Human Potential

Clarity of Focus

By being able to prioritize the right things at the right time. We focus on (the 20%) that account for most of your results (the 80%).

Speedy Analysis & Insight

We are exceptionally quick to get to the analysis of what is truly important. A lot of this comes from experience, but some of it is attributed to our culture.

Confident Recommendation

By having the right analysis backed by the right data, we are confident in our recommendations. That is what clients are essentially paying a premium for.

Talent Management Consulting

The post-COVID era is bringing disruption, change and digital transformation — both to society and business. Talent development is uniquely positioned to deal with the effects these issues will have on business. We enable our clients to excel during the Fourth Industrial Revolution in identifying, assessing, developing, engaging and retaining talent.


We view Coaching as a systematic process designed to facilitate development (change), whether cognitive, emotional or behavioral. We achieve this by accessing the inner resourcefulness of the client, and building on their wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition — while remaining focused on the achievement of a clear stated goal.

The Plena™ Development Model

The Plena™ Development Model is the culmination of our long expertise acquired from successfully developing Talent around the globe. It reflects our commitment to help our clients unleash their potential and is founded on a number of timeless principles.

About Talentum Mundi™