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We provide customized Coaching and Leadership Development Services designed specifically to meet an organization’s goals and objectives.


Self-Awareness centered Coaching enabling individuals to comprehend their strengths and leveraging them in their styles of Leadership.


Our Coaching and Leadership methodology allows people to reach suited positions in their organization and make a lasting impact.

Our courses, programs and coaching sessions can be hosted physically, virtually or a combination of both.

Leadership Development

The post-COVID era is bringing disruption, change and digital transformation — both to society and business. Leadership Development is uniquely positioned to deal with the effects these issues will have on business. We enable our clients to excel during the Fourth Industrial Revolution by providing advice and direction to develop better leaders among the staff.


We view Coaching as a systematic process designed to facilitate development (change), whether cognitive, emotional or behavioral. We achieve this by accessing the inner resourcefulness of the client, and building on their wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition — while remaining focused on the achievement of a clear stated goal.

The Plena™ Development Model

The Plena™ Development Model is the culmination of our long expertise acquired from successfully developing Talent around the globe. It reflects our commitment to help our clients unleash their potential and is founded on a number of timeless principles.

About Talentum Mundi™