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Business Coaching

Business Coaching is imperative for a company’s success. It is about releasing an employee’s capability, raising their self-awareness, understanding their current competencies and helping them become what they aspire to be.

Our 3d Generation Coaching focuses on enhancing both the performance and the well-being of individuals and organizations in ways that are sustainable and personally meaningful.

The Business Coach meets one-on-one with Managers or Supervisors within your organization, providing a safe, structured and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for the individual.

We provide Group Coaching when organizations want to develop a larger number of managers or executives while using a reflective, empowering, and customized approach. The aim is for individuals from different teams or departments to share challenges and best practices in service of cross-departmental goals.

We provide Team Coaching when organizations want individuals of the same team collaborating, to improve team performance.  The aim is to support them to increase awareness of the current patterns, challenging them to leverage on their strengths and resources to enhance team relationships, processes, and overall performance

Executive Presence?

Strategic Thinking?

Influence Others?

Manage Change?

Organizational Collaboration?

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

Conflict Resolution / Management?

Lead High Performance Teams?

Develop Others?


Decision Making?

Priority Setting & Time Management?

Set Vision & Direction?


Interpersonal Skills?