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Talentum Mundi™ Coaching Services

Holistic Coaching

We take Coaching to the next level. Our Coaching is based on the Plena™ Development Model to achieve the desired outcomes. It is:

A. Self-Awareness Based: By focusing on of the personal patterns shaping the client’s thoughts, emotions, actions and approach to challenging situations.

B. Holistic In Nature: In that it focuses on more of the larger picture in the client’s life, addressing on all areas of self-improvement. This style of coaching is used to benefit both work life and personal life:

  • It starts by examining and cultivating first the inner kingdom of the client through Self-Awareness.
  • It progressively works from the inside out, and has a spillover effect (Personal —> Public). It is transformative in nature (from Mindset —> Heartset).
  • It is proven to build the power within a person so as to eventually be able to achieve personal mastery and professional capability.

How It Works

Our approach to Coaching is that: “everything rests in a web of interconnectedness”. It refers to the person in their absolute wholeness. Its unique approach provides a symbiosis of all the four elements of the human nature (mind, body, heart and spirit). 

  • The inner circle represents the Individual and the areas covered.
  • The outer circle represents the Corporation and the areas covered.

Integrated Coaching

Integrated Holistic Coaching is another approach we use that embeds coaching sessions into — or wrapped around — a broader initiative such as our Leadership Development Programs. This reaffirms, reinforces and solidifies lessons learned in training.

Every single client is a unique case so our Coaching is bespoke (tailor-made) and is designed to transform any area of your life you choose to focus on improving, or your entire life.

We aspire for you to have self-confidence, a clear vision, attain self-mastery and become what you wish and want most. By becoming the best that you can be, you transcend yourself and become an excellent leader. 

Benefits of Holistic Coaching:

  • Experience inner transformation
  • Transcend beyond one’s self
  • Internal peace and harmony
  • Be in the present moment
  • Fully observe every internal aspect (thoughts and feelings) without identifying with them and reacting
  • Be the creative force of your life
  • Continuously grow and prosper


“I do recommend Peter as an Executive Coach. Peter was instrumental in helping me to clarify my goals and develop a plan to achieve them. His ability to help me set realistic and achievable goals helped me to stay on track and make progress. He was a great accountability partner and helped me to stay focused and motivated by checking in regularly and holding me accountable to my commitments. Peter’s supportive and encouraging approach helped me to stay on track and make meaningful progress.Antanas Jurevicius – COO at TD Baltic

“This is my first experience engaging with an Executive Coach for my professional development and Peter has exceeded my expectations.
He guided me in developing some of the essentials required to excel as a professional and shared effective strategies that helped me better navigate workplace situations. Peter encouraged me to discover and work on areas of opportunities that went unnoticed by me, which I found very valuable.”
Sumiit Kapoor – Director HR Operations at LinkedIn

Peter is an excellent Coach and Mentor who guided me on my path to unlocking the next level in my career. I was working hard to make the move from Senior Manager to Director level in my company and Peter helped me identify and clearly differentiate the differences between the two levels and what is needed to perform and be successful at a higher level. In guiding me, Peter helped me recognise traits and behaviours in myself that I knew were there, but I had never taken the opportunity to improve on. With Peter’s help, I put the work in and it truly paid off. Peter not only gave me great food for thought in each of our coaching sessions, but he challenged my thinking and encouraged me to try new things to take me out of my leadership comfort zone and explore different leadership styles along the way. I cannot recommend Peter enough as a coach and mentor as he brings so much to the table and is an inspiring individual who I truly look up to.” David Cooling – Director at Zynga

“Peter has shown exceptional insight into my personal and professional growth, and his methodological approach has guided me through a transformative self-discovery process. I highly recommend him after working with him for 6 months.” Charlene Lin – Senior Manager Strategy & Operations at LinkedIn.

“In a few coaching sessions, I was able to gain perspective on unrecognized obstacles that affected both my professional and personal life. The new approach and tools that I have implemented have already made a significant positive impact, and I am motivated through these sessions to keep self-improving and learning.” Dr. Nikitas Nanidis – Director Global Medical Affairs at Excelya