Our Story

Talentum Mundi™ is a Boutique Talent Management Consulting Company with a global reach, specializing in the area of Talent Development and Coaching.

Our Talent Development and Coaching services have been molded through 30+ years of corporate experience in Fortune 500 organizations and aim at developing, motivating and retaining employees. Our raison d’être is: “unleashing the human potential ” and we do this both on a Corporate and on an Individual basis.

Talent Authority

We have strong operating knowledge of the core Talent Management areas and we are able to effectively translate that knowledge from academic precision to practical reality.

Trusted Advisors

We are professionally credible with a track record of success in building an organization’s talent depth and quality. This is also achieved by building strong personal relationships with top management.

Bold Champions

We believe in presenting brief, credible and fact-based arguments. This is rooted in our strongly held viewpoint on why Talent decisions should or shouldn’t be taken, and the best way to develop Talent. 

Our Values

We are driven by values. Our company’s values are our DNA and we truly honor them. remaining focused on the achievement of a clear stated goal.

Our Founder & Managing Director

With over 30 years of professional HR experience from leading positions in Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Peter is an accomplished Talent Scientist and Executive Coach. He has devoted his entire career to people development. A polymath and a global citizen, he has lived in many countries and traveled to more than sixty-five, getting to know multiple cultures and lifestyles. His postgraduate studies in Organizational Behavior in the US, combined with his advanced professional skills and international mindset, have enabled him to transform lives by creating breakthroughs. With the ambition to make the most significant possible impact and leave his legacy, he founded Talentum Mundi™, a company whose vision is to give back to the community through programs and content that empower people to be the best versions of themselves.