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Our Story

Talentum Mundi™ is a personal and professional Leadership and Coaching Company with a global reach.

Our Leadership and Coaching services have been molded through 30+ years of corporate experience in Fortune 500 organizations and aim at developing, motivating and retaining employees. Our Coaching and Leadership Development are centered on Self-Awareness, thus enabling individuals to understand their strengths and find ways to leverage them in their styles of leadership.

Our raison d’être is: “Unleashing the human potential “.

Talent Authority

We have strong operating knowledge of the core Talent Development areas and we are able to effectively translate that knowledge from academic precision to practical reality.

Trusted Advisors

We are professionally credible with a track record of success in building an organization’s Leadership Culture. This is also achieved by building strong personal relationships with top management.

Bold Champions

We prepare Leaders at every level to lead through an evidence-based combination of Assessments, Skills Training, and Coaching that is proven effective and easy to implement.

Our courses, programs and coaching sessions can be hosted physically, virtually or a combination of both.

Our Mission

To maximize the effectiveness of leaders and leadership teams with the aim of optimizing organizational performance.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable partner in achieving peak leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

Our Values

Integrity – As we adhere to the strictest quality standards, we will only undertake assignments that we know we can deliver value.

Passion – We are full of confidence, commitment, and enthusiasm in everything we do, including our collaborations. Life-long learning is what propels us into the forefront.

Global – Our organization is open, flexible, innovative, creative, and international.

Collaboration – We contract carefully and above all, clearly. We are candid with our clients, and this enables the achievement of success. Going the extra mile is in our DNA. 

Peter Alexander Anagnostou MBA

Our Founder & Managing Director

With over 30 years of professional HR experience from leading positions in Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Peter is an accomplished Talent Scientist and Executive Coach. He has devoted his entire career to people development. A polymath and a global citizen, he has lived in many countries and traveled to more than sixty-five, getting to know multiple cultures and lifestyles. His postgraduate studies in Organizational Behavior in the US, combined with his advanced professional skills and international mindset, have enabled him to transform lives by creating breakthroughs. With the ambition to make the most significant possible impact and leave his legacy, he founded Talentum Mundi™, a company whose vision is to give back to the community through programs and content that empower people to be the best versions of themselves.


Jeny Androukaki MBA

Our Senior HR Consultant & Coach

With an MBA, Jeny is a Senior HR Consultant with expertise in organizational and performance development, learning effectiveness and people’s welfare at the workplace, with long experience in the private and public sector, as well as, in non-governmental organizations.

As a Career and Professional Development Coach, she aims at developing people’s strengths and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Panagiotis Bratakos BA in Philosophy and Linguistics

Our Co-Facilitator & Coach

Panagiotis Bratakos, PCC, is a seasoned Coach with over 3000 hours of individual and team coaching experience. With a rich educational background combining Philosophy and Linguistics (BA, University of Athens) and Performing Arts (Diploma, National Theatre of Greece), Panagiotis brings a unique perspective to personal development and more specifically to the philosophical aspect of our Ithaca Personal Excellence Program. His approach is rooted in the belief that with the right strategy, every vision is attainable, and every goal is within reach. As an ICF-certified Coach, he is dedicated to guiding clients towards a life of growth and purpose, using philosophical models as a compass for success.