Team Coaching:

According to Alain Cardon, Team Coaching has three distinct Dimensions: Input: Coaching on means acquisition Effort Resources Time Energy, etc Team: Coaching on work processes Organization design Skills Performance management system  Motivation Follow-up Communication, etc Output: Coaching on results Ample and satisfactory output Inefficient Teams… Read More »Team Coaching:

Measuring Mental Fitness:

Mental Fitness is a measure of the strength of your: Positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the  Negative (Saboteur) which represent your brain’s automatic mental habits with limiting beliefs and assumptions about how to handle life’s challenges. This measure of your Mental Fitness is called PQ… Read More »Measuring Mental Fitness:

How to shift into Brain 3.0

What is Mind-hacking?We define it as using science to enhance the best qualities of being human by proactively steering brain development in a way that physiologically supports greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, alignment, and integration. The Calm Clarity Framework is the result of… Read More »How to shift into Brain 3.0

Venting Your Feelings:

When we get stuck in a venting session, it feels good in the moment, because we’re connecting with other people. But if all we do is vent, we don’t address our cognitive needs, too. We aren’t able to make sense of what we’re experiencing, to… Read More »Venting Your Feelings:

Stress Management:

Stress is “the non-specific response of the body for any demand for change”. It is a warning system. A little bit of stress is always necessary as it keeps things moving and makes them interesting. Stressors: Anything that causes tension or a state of strain;… Read More »Stress Management:

Signature Presence:

Signature: The special thing for which a person is known for. Presence: A person’s ability to make his/her character known to other — the way we consciously choose to interact with others plus the impact and energy we create. “A picture of the confidence in… Read More »Signature Presence:

The ATEBAR Formula:

Beliefs define us and we will defend them even if they are causing us pain (eg limiting beliefs). Beliefs are mostly formed early in our childhood and come from: Experiences, influences and deductions What others tell us is true Thoughts Emotions By shifting our Beliefs… Read More »The ATEBAR Formula: