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Socrates: “Know Yourself”

Most of us are familiar with this maxim inscribed on the front part of the Temple of Delphi, but what is its deeper meaning? Quite a few it seems:

It first indicates that a person must stand and live according to their nature — in other words their “values”. If we dislike something in our life, it is probably because it violates one of our core values. Therefore, every person should examine their values and use them as a compass to navigate in life.

It also invites a person to look at himself; that is inside and not outside, because that’s where true knowledge resides. Learning to recollect is “wisdom”.

This internal dialog between the “soul” and “itself”, or between a student (Client) and his teacher (Coach/Mentor), is where this knowledge of oneself can be achieved. According to Socrates, life is worthless without this work on yourself: “An unexamined life not worth living“