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Signature Presence:

Mc Inroy – Goubin

Signature: The special thing for which a person is known for.

Presence: A person’s ability to make his/her character known to other — the way we consciously choose to interact with others plus the impact and energy we create. “A picture of the confidence in who we are.” (Hawkins & Smith) 

It depicts our way of being in the world infused with our unique history (Culture, Education, Lived Experiences, Judgements, Biases, Dreams, Fears).

It is also about Being:

  • Yourself —> Authentic
  • Present in the moment —> Here and Now
  • Adaptable through moments —> Flexible

Signature Presence: Moving through moments in a way unique to you, making the most of your own strengths, interests and eccentricities (Mary Beth O’Neill)

My Signature Presence is to enable the potential of people and organizations.” It is not a personal mission statement!

When we are authentic, tethered to our signature presence, we are more grounded.

Equally, our signature presence is most useful in the difficult situations of our professional life — when we feel angry, stressed, bored, frustrated, disappointed, etc. Understanding our Signature Presence is essential to recall who we are and who we want to be for others (eg our clients). It is also important to decide if we are likely to be a good fit for certain clients or projects.

Questions to help:

  1. What are things that people say about working with you?
  2. What makes your approach and philosophy unique?
  3. What do you want to become known for?