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Team Coaching:

According to Alain Cardon, Team Coaching has three distinct Dimensions:

  1. Input: Coaching on means acquisition
  • Effort
  • Resources
  • Time
  • Energy, etc
  1. Team: Coaching on work processes
  • Organization design
  • Skills
  • Performance management system 
  • Motivation
  • Follow-up
  • Communication, etc
  1. Output: Coaching on results
  • Ample and satisfactory output

Inefficient Teams lack from one or more work processes. When the team ends up with poor results, this occasionally triggers an emotional response and what surfaces is a mindset that is geared towards inputs: “Not enough manpower”, “Low budget”, “IT not supportive”, etc. It is always somebody else’s fault!

Team Coaching finds its justification in the improvement of the team’s output. It is extremely beneficial when:

  • The Team’s output is not up to standard
  • There is lack of clarity on goals and success criteria
  • The Team has not matured yet as it is newly formed
  • There is a new Team leader
  • New ways are required to deal with new external conditions
  • There’s organizational change

In Group Coaching 1+1=2

In Team Coaching 1+1=3 (as we have synergies)

A Team is a group of individuals working together to achieve their goal, so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Team Coaching is not 1to1 Coaching for each of the Team members but for the entire Team. It also requires a longer timescale (1-2 years) than 1to1 Coaching (1-2 months). 

Team Coaching is all about:

  • Aligning on the rationale of the Team (Team + Overall System) — Their WHY
  • Clarifying and building collective commitment around the desired results
  • Developing shared ownership and leadership
  • Establishing better ways of being together
  • Engaging effectively with all stakeholders whilst creating self-awareness of the system
  • Creating more and better output as a result!