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Measuring Mental Fitness:

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Mental Fitness is a measure of the strength of your:

  • Positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the 
  • Negative (Saboteur) which represent your brain’s automatic mental habits with limiting beliefs and assumptions about how to handle life’s challenges.

This measure of your Mental Fitness is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient). Positive Intelligence is based on Shirzad Chamine’s breakthrough research work with hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams. This work is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in:

  • Neuroscience, 
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Performance Science

Extensive research with participants has shown PQ to be the best predictor of:

  • How happy you are and 
  • How well you perform relative to your potential

Breakthrough Results of Boosting PQ:

  • Performance: You perform better while working less hard—similar to athletes “in the zone.”
  • Happiness: You feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times.
  • Relationships: You improve relationships, able to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony.