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Meet Your Coach

My Ideal Client:

Coaching Executives & Leaders by enhancing their Self-Awareness, Mindset and Performance so they develop into the best person they can possibly become and lead with purpose

My focus is on helping ambitious people who are already successful get to the next level. My role as an Executive Coach is to work with individuals in leadership positions to help them improve their skills, behaviors, and effectiveness in their roles. I provide a confidential and objective sounding board to leaders, helping them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and providing feedback and guidance to help them develop and enhance their skills.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Organizational Behavior, which provides me with a unique perspective on the intersection between psychology and business.

Peter A. Anagnostou – ICF Certified Professional Executive & Team Coach (PCC)

What’s The Biggest Problem You’re Facing Now?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their role
  • Struggling with work-life balance and stress management
  • Facing challenges in managing and leading their team
  • Dealing with interpersonal conflicts and communication breakdowns
  • Lacking confidence in their ability to make strategic decisions
  • Needing to improve their public speaking and presentation skills
  • Feeling uncertain about how to navigate organizational politics and culture

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life Right Now, What Would It Be?

  • Understand yourself?
  • Change the way you connect?
  • Rethink your skills?
  • Gain a new perspective?
  • The way you guide change?
  • How you manage stakeholders?

How Can I Help You As A Coach?

  • Develop effective leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team
  • Maximize your potential within your current role or organization
  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills to build stronger relationships
  • Develop a strategic mindset to make better decisions and drive results
  • Strengthen your Emotional (EQ) / Positive Intelligence (PQ) and self-awareness
  • Enhance your public speaking and presentation skills
  • Navigate organizational politics and culture more effectively


The quality of my work is typically very high, bringing extensive value to the lives of my clients. Your investment depends on the complexity of what we work on and consequently the length of the program required.

The initial two-hour consultation (or intake session) is free. The purpose of it is:

  • To determine whether we have the right chemistry
  • For me to assess your situation: fully comprehend your background, plus what your challenges and aspirations are
  • If the fit is right, I will then provide you with an initial tool which highlights key areas you may want to work on. Then we will both co-create our ways of working
  • Additionally, during the program, I will be providing you with various self-assessment tools which give insight into your core values, strengths, or behavioral preferences