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Emotions Are By-Products Of Our Beliefs And Focus:

Emotions are faster than many thoughts and many people are led by emotions which may or may not be healthy. People get caught up in their emotions and are unable to detach from them or see the “wood from the trees”. They can be all consuming and if we do get attached and trapped in them — we may do, say and experience things we regret later. Or we may fail to see the other things around us that might be really important.

By becoming more aware and paying attention to our emotions — by naming them and getting clear about where they ‘live’ within us — we can learn very valuable lessons, as well as understand the whole picture of our lives. This can support us to create different, more successful, outcomes for ourselves.

By working with our clients to accept, acknowledge and learn from their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings and all the emotions in between, we can allow them to develop powerful resilience skills enabling them to live more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

We believe there are no ‘bad’ emotions: all emotions are our compass which let us know whether we are on track or off track with our lives. And if we recognize and name the emotions that don’t feel so good — we can choose a different focus, or thought, or action, or belief, or feeling. And therefore create a very different experience, and outcome.