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More On Limiting Beliefs:

You Are Not Alone, and You Are Not The Only One.

Your doubts about the fulfillment of your desires and aspirations are spawned by what the author terms as limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs are caused by what you see as your depressing situation, more like the contrast that you would want to change.

These limiting beliefs may take the form of:

I can’t because…– I am not that good– I am too fat– I am not that sexy– I am too old– I am not very pretty– I am not rich– I don’t have a university degree– I don’t have a high-paying job– My relationships are always a failure

…and all other negative statements which make you underestimate your own self and push it to the brink of misery, self-pity, and hopelessness.
These limiting beliefs are antithetical to the positive mechanism of the Law of Attraction.

By engulfing limiting statements, you send off more negative vibrations that are anathema to the process of allowing.

Start realizing that you are not so bad at all, and if it is any consolation, there might be hundreds of other people who may even be worse than you are.

Remember that there are still other great things to be thankful for and other reasons to feel good about yourself. You may not be very slender, but your friends love you and appreciate your noble character. You may not be very rich, but you touch other people’s lives by sincerely giving yourself time, effort, understanding and love. You may not be a whiz kid, but you create music from the heart and dance gracefully like the swan.

You see, things will not get better by thinking about what is worse, what is wrong, and what could have been.

The chances that your aspirations will pull off are tapered by your own qualms about them. But if you spot those other things that are worth keeping and celebrating for, and by constantly telling yourself that you are close to getting what you desire as nothing or no one can stop you, your strong-mindedness will cause the Law of Attraction to work positively in your life.

Inspired by

Michael J. Losier