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Positive World View:

Create a Positive World by Adopting a Positive World View.

Be positive in all situations.

Learn to see the bright side at all times.

Overcome your greatest fears and start living peacefully and confidently each day. Always hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Most importantly, be grateful for all that you receive. Be an optimist. Here are some helpful guides on how you can practice creating a positive view in life:

  • Create “zero expectations” of what you will receive. Do not assume about anything. Just always be prepared for the worst possible case.
  • Use appreciate-assertive thinking. Assert that you want something based upon your choice of your ultimate concern for happiness for yourself and others.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness. Always think that you are happy because you choose to be happy. Your happiness is your responsibility, and no one else’s.
  • Focus on positive “wants” and goals. Know what you want and take responsibility by getting it yourself.

Learn how Harmonious Functioning Produces Peak Learning.

Performance and Happiness.

As the author puts it, “Harmonious functioning is a special mind-body state in which all activated brain and body systems are operating in the maximum harmony possible for that particular situation.

The most central of these systems are cognitive systems and conscious processes. You may experience this mind-body state as euphoria, nirvana, a peak experience, a flow experience. Whatever you call it, it feels wonderful!

According to Stevens, “Peak learning, performance, and happiness are interwoven aspects of the same underlying phenomenon.

Therefore if you master being in the state of “harmonious functioning” you will experience happiness at its peak.

Create a Better World For Yourself and Others.

The O-PATSM system will help you accomplish your life’s goals and will help you gain control of your life. O-PATSM is simply an acronym for good self-management

  • Objectives. Write them at least once a year and use weekly to make to-do lists.
  • Priorities. Prioritize all objectives and to- do’s. Do highest priority first and best.
  • All life Areas. Take good care of yourself in every life area–achieve balance.
  • To do lists. Make weekly and daily lists. Keep with you and use at all times. Self-management sessions. Take 1 hour each week to get control of your life. Make that time sacred!
  • Moment-to-moment use of the system. What do you want to do right now?

Following the O-PATSM system will definitely help you gain control of your life, your future successes, and more importantly your happiness.

Inspired by

Tom G. Stevens PhD