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Think Of Changing:

To change your life, change what you think about The three main reasons why good thinking habits are important and essential are It’s actually very simple: Many people think merely about survival. Average people think about maintaining what they have. Successful people focus on progress.… Read More »Think Of Changing:

Efficacy & Growth Mindset:

Self-efficacy Growth Mindset: People can have two types of mindsets: those with the Growth Mindset believe that their abilities can be developed and strengthened over time, whereas those with a Fixed Mindset believe they are born with certain abilities which are fixed and unchangeable. Which… Read More »Efficacy & Growth Mindset:

Daily Journal:

You probably know what you want and need in life:  Being more organized, developing your career, becoming a better communicator, overcome bad habits, be happier, or be more self-confident. However, getting there might be hard in the short and long term, as it requires effort,… Read More »Daily Journal:

How to Learn From Your Failures:

Evidence suggests that most people struggle to grow from mistakes and defeats. Why do people avoid the lessons of failure? There are lots of emotional and cognitive obstacles to learning from failure. Overcoming feelings of failure Failure bruises the ego, that metaphorical seat of our self-esteem and self-importance. When we… Read More »How to Learn From Your Failures: