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Organizational Development

The ROI Of Coaching:

ROI (Return On Investment) is a way to divide the gains of your investment by investment cost.  There are really four different ways to look at ROI across the spectrum. The input, the output, the outcomes and the value creation. The coaching engagement can be looked at from an organizational, leadership… Read More »The ROI Of Coaching:

Listening Skills:

Listening Skills are critical for effective communication, building relationships, resolving conflicts, making informed decisions, fostering innovation, and driving business success. By cultivating strong listening skills, professionals can enhance their effectiveness, promote collaboration, and achieve their goals in the dynamic and fast-paced business world. Stop talking… Read More »Listening Skills:

Motivational Laws:

Human motivation is a complex subject which has been the focus of many different theories over the years.  The reason for this interest is obvious – motivation is one of the greatest keys to success and has a tangible dollar-and-cent value to business organizations the… Read More »Motivational Laws:


DEIJB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging. What is DEIJB? It is a framework that organizations can use to create a more inclusive and just workplace. DEIJB is not just about hiring a diverse workforce. It is about creating an environment where all… Read More »DEIJB:

Your Path To Greatness:

Your path to greatness is to overcome your Impostor Syndrome. There are tools and strategies to overcome it, to achieve your goals and succeed in life. Three steps need to be followed: Step 1. Understand Impostor Syndrome Its symptoms, causes, and effects. There are different types of impostor syndrome, such as internal and external… Read More »Your Path To Greatness: