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The 4 Levels of Engagement:

At Talentum Mundi™ coaching always begins with the question: “Who do I choose to BE here?”
It is based in a powerful awareness-expanding tool by Alan Seale that helps you begin to make significant shifts in how you approach challenges and situations in life:

StateLevelTypical QuestionsOutcomes
(Struggle and problem solving)
Drama– Whose fault is this?
– Who do I blame?
– Can you believe this happened?
– Reacting
– Insensitive to people’s feelings
– Feeling bad
– Focus and energy lowered dramatically
(Struggle and problem solving)
Situation– How can we fix it, and how quickly?– Seeing more clearly what is happening
– Move on and put the situation behind us, usually without learning from what has happened.
– Real underlying issues are never addressed
(Taking the power back
whilst creating new circumstances and realities)
Choice– Who do I choose to be here
– What do I choose as my relationship to this situation?
– Choosing who we will be within situations / circumstances
– Claiming responsibility and choice in the matter
– Focusing on fixing the problem
– Open for transformation and sustainable change
(Taking the power back
whilst creating new circumstances and realities)
Opportunity– What’s the opportunity here
– What wants to happen?
– Here the most profound leadership and service occurs
– Recognizing what is not working or what wants to change /heal


  • the bigger the Drama, the greater the Opportunity
  • the deeper you go into the Opportunity, the clearer your Choices become
  • to constantly flow back and forth between Choice and Opportunity 
  • perception of the situation starts to change and you are able to move forward with new levels of insight and clarity