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The ATEBAR Formula:

The ATEBAR Formula

Beliefs define us and we will defend them even if they are causing us pain (eg limiting beliefs). Beliefs are mostly formed early in our childhood and come from:

  • Experiences, influences and deductions
  • What others tell us is true
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions

By shifting our Beliefs —> we can take new Actions —> leading to new Results

When the client is stuck or going nowhere then something is out of the client’s awareness. The Coach then helps the client to build Awareness of Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs, Actions and Results. As Coaches, we help our clients form new thoughts and emotions instead of forming new beliefs. We coach the person and not the problem. Even though some actions need to happen, as Coaches we don’t work directly with them.

Coach develops Awareness

Client Generates new Thoughts and Emotions

Client’s Beliefs change

New Actions and Results are possible