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Your Zone of Excellence:

(Carole Doucet)

Zone of Excellence is feeling to be where you need to be at anytime and being helpful. In this ever-changing world, to remain in your Zone of Excellence, you need to be vigilant and always stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. That’s where learning and growing occurs; and that’s where you experience Personal Development. Remember the old saying? “No pain no gain!” 

Your objective in life is to always increase your comfort zone. This is not easy to achieve, as it creates an unwanted side effect: Stress. To counteract this, you need to do it slowly and methodically. As in the gym, we start with light weights and as our muscles build strength we progressively move to heavier weights. 

In order to live in your Zone of Excellence you need to properly sort out the following:

Values: They filter your decisions and actions based on what is important for you 

Essence: The “why” or our reason of your existence

Talents: Your natural ability for excellence; what energizes you — not what you’re good at

Competencies: Your expertise acquired during your career

Attitude: Your personality traits and behaviors 

What you experience when in the Zone of Excellence:

  • Lightness
  • Flow
  • Pleasure
  • Energy
  • Bird’s Eye-View
  • Confidence
  • Creativity