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Your Mind, Heart and Gut Are Your Compass:

Why is it so difficult to uncover our life goals?

Biology has an answer. 

Mind: The seat of logic and intellect. However the unconscious mind directs around 90% of behaviors.

Our mind provides us with logic and reasoning to examine our strengths and pitfalls. 

We observe the world (Inner Life of Logic/Reasoning, Detailed Future Plans)  

Heart: There are more neural pathways running from the heart to the brain in our head than from the brain to the heart.

Our heart creates an extreme desire to bond and promotes us to follow the path of connection and contribution. 

Reaching out to the world (Inner Life of Emotions / Memories / Images / Vision / Dream)

Gut: 90% of the body’s serotonin involved in mood management is produced in the gut.

Our gut supports the ‘take care of yourself’ mentality and pushes us climb the career ladder. 

Directly engaged with the world (Instinct & Intuition / Unselfconscious Intermediate / Practical & Direct) 

We have been conditioned by society to develop our rational logical left brain while ignoring all the other intelligences in your body. We were not educated holistically and balanced. We are educated to be overdeveloped in logic, which is limiting and remedial for the potential of the capacity of the holistic beings — psychical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — that we are.

Ancient Eastern & Western teachings have put a lot of emphasis on checking into one’s own innate intelligence, speaking about following the wisdom of the heart and gut feelings. 

In recent years technology and neuroscience have finally advanced enough to prove these ancient wisdom thinkings to be correct.

How to implement this knowledge? 

  1. Be aware of the present moment
  2. Acknowledge what kind of thoughts are present in relation to the current situation
  3. Attend to what your personal values you have in this situation, what you care about and what your deepest intention is
  4. Tune in into any hunches, intuitions or emotions that are present in relation to the current situation
  5. Collect all this information from the mind and body and listen for the answer. It will come

More importantly, an experienced coach can create clarity in this maze of duality and support their clients to align this inner pendulum.