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Positive Qualities Needed for Success:

The true meaning of being rich is to be rich in giving and appreciating and be in possession of certain virtues.

If you possess these qualities already you are on your way to success and prosperity.

We enumerate these qualities for the benefit of those who seek wealth as the means to circulate happiness and gratitude.

  • Optimism – When you look at the world positively, you clear your mind from the cobwebs of fear and suspicion and of hatred and ill will.
  • Awareness – Awareness comes out of observation, out of attention to detail, out of curiosity and out of the willingness to learn and change if necessary with a sense of humility and sincerity.
  • Discipline – Discipline makes man different from the animals. It enables him to control thoughts and impulses and bring hopes
    and dreams .
  • Determination – You may have goals, you may have plans, you may dream wonderful dreams about your future. But all this will come to nothing if you do not have the determination to carry your plans forward.
  • Courage – Courage is the ability to take calculated risks, to face the unknown if necessary, to be free from anxiety and hesitation in difficulties, and to be able to withstand the pressures of life with inner balance and peace of mind with faith in oneself and hope for tomorrow.
  • Faith – Faith implies a certain sense of self- confidence, initiative, responsibility, feeling of assurance and willingness to take risks.
  • Compassion – Compassion flows out of a heart that is willing to make sacrifices for the happiness of others. This by itself is a rewarding virtue, because those who are benefited by it are bound to respond with positive thoughts and sense of appreciation towards you.
  • Intelligence – By intelligence we mean the ability to decide, the ability to discriminate what is appropriate or inappropriate in a given situation, the ability to learn from experience, study, analysis and observation and the ability to make reasonable predictions about the future-based upon your sensitivity to the present
  • Interest – Interest means to like and love what you do. Where there is interest, there is dedication and concentrated effort. There is the wholehearted and untiring attention that comes with passion and
  • Love – If your heart is filled with the positive emotion of love, you will see your love manifesting itself in everything you do and bringing you rich rewards.
  • Humility – The most difficult thing in the world is to remain unaffected by the rewards of success, to remain human and successful at the same time, or be in touch with reality after you have tasted the sweet fruit of success.
  • Simplicity – If you want to be successful and remain successful, you must know how to do things and achieve results in a simple way.
  • Generosity – The true purpose of prosperity is to free yourself from the shackles of the petty demands of your lower self and elevate yourself to a level where you can truly refine your character, ennoble your attitude and learn to spend your riches wisely and appropriately for the ultimate freedom and well being of your own soul.
  • Curiosity – Curiosity is responsible for learning and exploration without which no progress is ever possible. It is because of
    curiosity that man becomes inventive and experimental and makes possible progress and prosperity for himself and his community.
  • Initiative – Success is essentially a product of intelligent self-effort. Only sometimes do extraneous factors and powers play a significant role other than acting against your interests and as stumbling blocks on your path.

Inspired by

A.K. Kamath