Talentum Mundi™ Coaching Services

Holistic Coaching

We take Coaching to the next level. Our Holistic Coaching is an entirely different approach in that it focuses on more of the larger picture in the client’s life, addressing on all areas of self-improvement. When deemed necessary, we integrate it with the Plena™ Development Model to achieve the desired outcomes. This style of coaching is used to benefit both work life and personal life:

  • It starts by examining and cultivating first the inner kingdom of the client.
  • It progressively works from the inside out, and has a spillover effect (Personal —> Public). It is transformative in nature (from Mindset —> Heartset).
  • It is proven to build the power within a person so as to eventually be able to achieve personal mastery and professional capability.

How It Works

The Holistic approach to Coaching is that: “everything rests in a web of interconnectedness”. It refers to the person in their absolute wholeness. Its unique approach provides a symbiosis of all the four elements of the human nature (mind, body, heart and spirit). 

  • The inner circle represents the Individual and the areas covered.
  • The outer circle represents the Corporation and the areas covered.

Integrated Coaching

Integrated Holistic Coaching is another approach we use that embeds coaching sessions into — or wrapped around — a broader initiative (e.g. a leadership development program). This reaffirms, reinforces and solidifies lessons learned in training.

Every single client is a unique case so our Integrated Holistic Coaching Programs are bespoke (tailor-made) and are designed to transform any area of your life you choose to focus on improving, or your entire life. We have developed our own model (The Plena™ Model) and accompanying templates to support you through each stage of the coaching program. 

We aspire for you to have self-confidence, a clear vision, attain self-mastery and become what you wish and want most. By becoming the best that you can be, you transcend yourself and become an extraordinary leader. 

Benefits of Holistic Coaching:

  • Experience inner transformation
  • Transcend beyond one’s self
  • Internal peace and harmony
  • Be in the present moment
  • Fully observe every internal aspect (thoughts and feelings) without identifying with them and reacting
  • Be the creative force of your life
  • Continuously grow and prosper

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