Self-Mastery Coaching

We take Coaching to the next level. Our Self-Mastery Coaching uses the Plena™ Development Model. It is addressed to both Corporate and Individual clients because:

  • It starts by examining and cultivating first the inner kingdom of the client.
  • It progressively works from the inside out, and has a spillover effect (Personal —> Public). It is transformative in nature (from Mindset —> Heartset).
  • It is proven to build the power within a person so as to eventually be able to achieve personal mastery and professional capability.

Benefits of Self Mastery Coaching:

  • Experience inner transformation
  • Transcend beyond one’s self
  • Internal peace and harmony
  • Be in the present moment
  • Fully observe every internal aspect (thoughts and feelings) without identifying with them and reacting
  • Be the creative force of your life
  • Continuously grow and prosper

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment