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Talent Management

Group Coaching:

Group Coaching Team Coaching Individuals who come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind (e.g., completion of a specific project) Individuals who are all aligned and headed to a common goal or outcome (e.g., coached on strategic… Read More »Group Coaching:

Succession Management:

Research figures show that the number of people in leadership roles that plan to retire in the next few years is higher than the number of people entering the workforce. Organizations are now required to prepare for such situations.  “Failure to plan, is a plan… Read More »Succession Management:

The 3 Characteristics of Transformative Change:

Transformative Change is not only a philosophical but also a practical and strategic process we use to effect sweeping change within an organization, e.g., implementing a coaching culture . The same process applies to individuals.

The 4 Dimensions of Wellbeing:

Wellness is a holistic integration of all 4 dimensions. It is “a lifestyle and a personalized approach to living life in a way that allows you to become the best kind of person that your potentials and fate will allow”.