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Self Mastery Coaching

Group Coaching:

Group Coaching Team Coaching Individuals who come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind (e.g., completion of a specific project) Individuals who are all aligned and headed to a common goal or outcome (e.g., coached on strategic… Read More »Group Coaching:


In his work on Self Leadership, Andrew Bryant raises some very interesting points. Here are some:  The concept of Self-leadership can be found in the writings of philosophers and poets, both Eastern and Western: EASTERN PHILOSOPHY WESTERN PHILOSOPHY “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao… Read More »Leading-Self:

The ASK Model:

Attitude Skills Knowledge Curiosity Intellectual Facts Desire to succeed Social Figures Open-mindedness Communication Concepts Resilience Physical Ideas Self-regulation The ASK Model is extremely useful for assessing people in the workplace as to whether they have the appropriate Attitude / Skills / Knowledge to complete the… Read More »The ASK Model:

Learning Styles

Activists: They learn trough trial and error. They act first and then consider the consequences later. Pragmatists: They constantly research new ideas and enjoy experimentation. They prefer to get straight to the point and want to be shown how it’s done so that they van… Read More »Learning Styles