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Personal Development

Trust & Engagement:

How can you balance as a leader the need to protect the organization and the importance of trusting your best employees? With critical information they need to perform their duties.

Limiting Beliefs:

Limiting Beliefs (Stinking Thinking) are zappers of your personal power. Once you accept them they become your reality. They are divided into two broad categories: About Myself: About The World: Limiting Beliefs are a vicious cycle as they stop you from taking action and this… Read More »Limiting Beliefs:

The Drama Triangle:

Drama Triangles can be found in all social interactions (relationships, marriage, movies, school, family, work etc). Victim(Nail) Rescuer(Nail Remover) Persecutor(Hammer) Belief System: Belief System: Belief System: “I am helpless” “Circumstances have power over me” Blames others Absolves self, of responsibility Didn’t see it coming. “I… Read More »The Drama Triangle:

Buffering Against Burnout:

Small doses of stress support growth and enhance performance. Chronic stress however is dangerous. Little by little, a little becomes a lot, and when you stress, you don’t rest. Burnout is not an On/Off switch. It is a vicious cycle. Its components are: Exhaustion (Emotional/Physical/Cognitive/Fatigue)… Read More »Buffering Against Burnout: